]Pepin Academies started its athletic program in 2001 with a high school boy’s basketball team and a cheerleading squad to root them on. Now we have expanded our program to 12 teams in 6 different sports for students in 3rd to 12th grade.

Athletics Papwerwork 2019-2020

Our program is focused, not only on winning, but on creating a well-rounded student, giving our students an equal opportunity to participate, and teaching valuable social skills through teamwork and competition. Pepin Academies is a full member of the FHSAA and the Charter School Athletic League for elementary sports.

Fall Sports:
HS Volleyball: Katarina Ziegler Ryan Morton
HS Golf: Patrick Morton
MS Soccer: Elizabeth Schoen EMcCartney@theacademies.uss
EL Soccer: Laura Mroczko Tara Dodgson
Winter Sports:
MS Volletball: Mary Finney
HS Basketball: Ryan Morton
MS Basketball: Angel Baez abaez@theacademies.uss and John Silver jsilver@theacademies.uss
HS Cheerleading: Amanda Schade
HS Soccer: David Bern and Allan Gowan-Smith
Elementary Street Hockey: Laura Mroczko
Spring Sports:
MS Hockey: Aaron Dawson
EL Basketball: Zachary McKay
MS Flag Football (Boys): Michael Smith
MS Track & Field: Mary Finney
HS Track & Field: Amanda Schade